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You have arrived to She Speaks, a meeting place for women who are ready to say YES to creating their life by personal design and who are wishing to create and fulfil their vision of  optimal leadership and living. 

You may currently be undergoing a major transition, ready to step into the next level of your leadership or exploring a new way of being in relationship with yourself and or a significant other. Regardless of where you are in this moment, She Speaks provides a safe space for you to explore your  current reality with compassion through self-awareness , mindfulness, emotional intelligence and honest dialogue practices. From this place you are able to vision into clarity toward your future vison for yourself, your business and for all of your relationships.

With over twenty years in senior sales, partner management and management roles in the Telecommunications, IT and Wellness Services sectors, Aurora has been recognised with global and local business awards of excellence in companies such as BellSouth, IBM, Telstra and Optus.

Now as the founder of She Speaks and as a minful leadership & living coach, facilitator and presenter, it is Aurora‚Äôs passion to support women in business in their own self-actualisation process. To asisst  women to step fully into their leadershipin a new way and  to take business into the new paradigm. Business that works from a place of shared vision, values and purpose. Business that recognises that people and the planet are their most important resource and that profit comes directly from creating a happy, well and safe workplace. Allowing all to be engaged.

She Speaks offers Self Aware Leadership Coaching, Personal Coaching Programs for Women, [email protected] Work Roundtables, Mindfulness Sessions and Retreats.

She speaks also captures interviews and stories on thought leaders in this space.

Aurora is one of the creators of the Heart Intelligent Leadership and Living  Program and is also a founding member of Conscious Capitalism and Humanity In business.