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"What I love about Aurora is that she is prepared for any circumstance at any given moment and has all the tools to deal with it.  During the time that I have been attending coaching sessions throughout the past year, I have gone through such immense change, from relationship upheaval, to selling and moving house, leaving a steady job and income to set up a new business, and at every stage of this amazing process she has always been able to guide me through all the emotions, always bringing things back to a practical level, and most important of all, to a peaceful place where my divine feminine can step in.  It is so wonderful to be able to find this space to create from and I thank Aurora from the deepest part of my being.  I am now able to step out in all aspects of my life and embrace it as a real, grown woman! I would recommend Aurora’s coaching to all women looking to slow down, move out of overwhelm and into clarity for their future vision."

- Melanie Macfarlane , CEO, Immigrations Consultancy


In early 2013 I was inspired by my own leader Simon Rutherford, CEO Slingshot Media to explore the concept of value based leadership.  I was inspired by  leaders who chose the pillars of awareness, trust, authenticity, transparency, 100% responsibility, connection, compassion, love and was impressed by how these values could be applied on a daily basis to realise true spiritual and financial success.  Through the grapevine I was introduced to Aurora Pagonis and the team of facilitators she was delivering the 100 % personal Responsibility Leadership workshop  with and  experienced one.  I chose to attend because I was interested in achieving 100% personal responsibility in my leadership; specifically bringing to the surface conflict or patterns holding me back from reaching my full potential. 

The Leadership Workshop was incredibly powerful and immensely valuable.  I experienced a group of like-minded, successful business leaders coming together to examine at a conscious (and unconscious level) how we innately behave; what our personal “agendas” are preventing us from reaching a 100% clarity and inspiration.  It’s not a walk in the park.  You have to be genuinely committed to getting to the bottom of how and why you think the way you do and exposing who you are currently “being” both in and out or a leadership role.  Some attendees were sceptical, “it’s fluffy” or “how will a group of people sitting in a room meditating help me to break through or give me a greater ROI?”… I appreciate some of the aspects of the course are confronting however I can assure others considering attending, you are in excellent hands and you will get life changing results.  The team are experts in human behaviour and back up their teachings with concrete research translating the dynamics of personal awareness and 100% responsibility into excellent, healthy working cultures and ultimately business success.  You will be exposed, you won’t necessarily feel comfortable but you will ultimately reach a place of incredible personal joy as you break through into a space you’ve never been before.  If you’re even remotely considering attending one of these leadership courses I would say go for it!  It will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your career.

- Vanessa Gosling, Slingshot , Group Project Manager


I was driving out of a car park on my way home from work, and had a moment, a moment when I felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction, pride and happiness that you watch in movies to slow motion scenes and music. 

18 months ago I bravely (after some nudging and pushing) jumped into working  with Aurora as my leadership coach.  My biggest fear was if the ‘koombayah’ music would be playing around a camp fire. I was one of the tough ones, who really didn’t understand what this process was all about, but trusted the advice of a dear friend (my boss) that this would make me a better leader and person.
My journey with Aurora with her gentle nurturing style of coaching help me understand who i was, what really made me tick, which was far more important than trying so desperately to be what I thought I should be. Knowing and working on who I am and understanding my ‘why’ has given me the confidence to be me, nurture my vulnerability and take on things I had only ever dreamed of both in a professional and personal sense. Lots of people tell I’m living the dream, and it’s so lovely to agree.
Try it…the Koombayah music grows on you.

- Beck Hamilton , Marketing Director - Australia and New Zealand at Disney Theatrical Productions  

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